Shabby chic on friday: poetic details

Good Friday!

Today for the book shabby chic on friday I was amused to select images that struck me.

Details poetic, sources of inspiration and aesthetic pleasure.





photos by Tumblr

photos by Tumblr



photos by Tumblr






Today I let the pictures speak: I'm sure you will find some interesting, by visiting the links of sources.

Have a good day!

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Casa Shabby Chic

Cat on roof

Think Shabby

Victorian age


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Se are in October!

In fact you would not think, because right now there are well 27 degrees and wearing a top…They are looking for dry leaves to do some decorating

concerning, but the leaves are still green and so I rely on the web for the cover of this month.

October inspires me in all the brown shades of warm and embracing…I feel the smell of roasted chestnuts and chocolate cakes.

It is sweet and light candles to find the balls of wool to knit or crochet.

Each photo has a link to this collage of reference: do not miss the lovely tutorial to achieve the hooks with wooden sticks!

We make boots and go hunting for leaves…

Who knows when this story will become reality, hours for the summer shows no signs of ending, but we are ready!


I want to thank you all for email these days and I apologize if I have answered all: you are aware of the problem I had in exchange for providers to connect to the network.

I wanted to let you know that we solved! With the help of the Apple service center that I helped create an alternative wireless network.

I do not want to advertise ( unfortunately they are not shareholders of the apple :-) ) but I'm so happy when I find products and companies that seem fair number do this.

Now all I wanted to say goodbye new readers: welcome!

If you put the link in your profile to your blog can go to find.

Lastly, I remind you of the appointment

 “curious”e“I io”, shows dedicated to creativity, for hobbies and crafts, where…

Good Sunday!


Good evening to all!

Finally we are ready to go…much: the bags are not made and confusion reigns all over, but I could not leave without greeting!

If I find a connection super, if I took good pictures and I will have beautiful and interesting things to share, maybe a nice post sooner or later arrives…I hope something Provence ;-)

Meanwhile I finished my last job: even stuffed marine theme and sessions chairs and chairs for the balcony, made with the extraordinary fabric found at a flea market.

I leave you with pictures of a shed on the wild coast of the Camargue, belonging to a French blog that I immediately fell in love:


a nice and simple gift for fans of Shabby Chic, in this case more shabby and chic :-)


I really like: I imagine a beautiful bonfire on the beach, He barbecue, guitar, although now I prefer bongos, the stars and the sound of the sea….

I find it very romantic and above all true.

Well, it's time to go!

I embrace you and…I know that I miss you!


Fancy Blue




A few weeks ago, a reseller of the brand Green Gate I had anticipated that the new catalog there would be a new line in shades of blue:

also Tilda has recently revived this color, After years of domination of pastel colors.

I like this color in furnishing, combined with white and red tips, especially for a house by the sea: as a base color but I find it a little’ too “serious”.

Shabby chic style, my favorite, you can find hints of blue in the objects and materials, even in some small mobile, but always paired with white or natural colors.

Here are some examples taken from the new catalog: I also joined the line “marinara”, that matches the blue to red, un'accostamento which I find very refined.

I understand all, but at this point it would take another home! I'd settle for fish, I find delicious!

You have inspired?


A kiss and see you soon!

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